The Danger of Walls


“With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.” Psalm 18:29
I have a confession to make. I am a stone mason. Whenever someone or a circumstance causes bone-crushing pain, I quickly begin my occupation. I snatch up my chisel and gavel and begin to build up my fortress. Fashioning the four walls with the stones of bitterness, fear of rejection, and the marble of falseness.

Once complete, my masterpiece towered 15 feet high. I huddle in the darkest corner finally believing myself to be safe at last from any enemy fire. Yet, the longer I stay within those walls, their beauty turns into darkness. The protection that the walls falsely promised, soon turn into my very prison. I assumed that none could enter those walls that I had built. Yet many characters entered and seeped into the room that I had fashioned; a man named condemnation stepped in, along with depression and loneliness. These three companions became my daily torturers, gagging me and not allowing me to answer the calls of my friends standing outside my walls knocking.

I attempted to break free from my bounds. I tried to run, but, in my insanity, I had failed to build a door of escape. There was no way out of my ‘wall of protection’. In defeat I crumpled to the ground.

Though I thought I only had three companions, there was yet another. He was the silent type. Only speaking when needed and with a very gentle tone. In my yells for freedom, he replied.

“My child, your only escape is through me. The world outside these walls you have built will bring pain. The world out there is one of harshness, but also of joy. It is one of disappointment, and pain. Yet I promise you this, I will never leave you or forsake you. There will be moments where you long to build a fortress of protection again. Nonetheless, I ask that you remain purposeful in being open with others. Do you care to scale the wall?” He asked with love in His voice.

Nervously I replied with a nod, and we, together began our climb upwards. It took much time, yet He was patient the whole while. Once reaching the other side, His words  were proven true time and time again.

There were many moments where I began to carve my stone walls again. Yet each moment He gently took my gavel from my hand and with His carpenter hands began to teach me to build houses of safety. These houses were not for my own protection, but as a place of healing for others.



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