Pain~ Sickness~ Life

IMG_0291Some days the battle to rise from my mattress is bone breaking. The pain of life, and chronic illness is leach sucking. At times it would be all the more easier to turn my back to the morning light and to shut out the light. Nonetheless, I don’t! Every morning I am faced with the defining choice, the distinction. Will I rise and fight for my life? Battle to make a difference, or allow the darkness of depression and illness to overwhelm my very soul?

Every dawn, I rise in God’s strength to face another day of unknowns, falls, weakness, and frustration. Every day, He proves faithful to my soul. Every moment I have a choice. Will I make the enemy pay for the struggle He has brought, or shall I turn within and focus on my struggles?

Friends, life is to short to waste it only on yourself. Yes, it is healthy, and even necessary for you to care for your needs; emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Yet, do not allow yourself to become consumed by your own struggles. Use your weakness instead as a catalysis into understanding and relating to others.

The Enemy of our souls is attempting to bring pain and darkness into this world. However, that is not his only agenda. His goal is to bring death. He will at all costs attempt to kill those of this earth, God’s beloved. We, as Christians, are being used to fight against this enemy and his horrid plans.

How can one fight the good fight, you may ask. We fight the good fight when we stand in Christ’s strength even when we are weak. When we spend time with the outcast at school, even though it goes against cultural norms, we fight the good fight. When we change the channel, to honor Him and fight the good fight. It is in the little moments of each day.

So, whether your battlefield is within your hospital bed, your cubical office, or by the kitchen sink, fight the good fight.



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